Cool apps to travel cheap in Spain

It’s a month since I have arrived in Spain, feels longer but it’s only been a month. I have experienced first-hand the rough reality of job hunting in Spain, specifically in Andalucía. If you don’t know Spanish you are screwed and if you know Spanish…well, you are just a little less screwed. It is a beautiful place to live, travel, and a food heaven but for working…well, as my tour guide in Sevilla told me here the only jobs there are, are the ones you invent yourself.

So, my working holiday in Spain has been more about the holiday and because I don’t really work much which means I have to travel on the cheap to make the money I have last longer and travel to more places. That is why I was so grateful when a friend told me about a cheap way to travel around Spain (and some other countries in Europe).

It’s 2 apps one is called “blablacar” and the other one is called “amovens”.





Both are kind of like Uber meets carpooling but for longer distances. Any person who is going from point A to point B can list their trip on the app and charge a certain amount to take people along the same route. Most times is almost half price than if you were going by bus or train, its much faster and you save yourself the trouble of having to go to the bus or train stations.

When my friend told me about this I was a bit apprehensive, I mean riding cars filled with strangers is…strange. Plus, what if it was just me and the driver and all we had was awkward silence? And what about safety? Stranger danger!

But you know what? I have used both apps to go from Granada to Sevilla and up until now it has been quite pleasant. If I did the same trip by bus it would cost me 23 euros one way, with blablacar it cost me 15 euros, and with amovens the trip cost me 10 euros.

Each driver sets his or her own price, so I cannot tell you for sure how much you will save but at least for me I saved almost half the price.

Safety was also not an issue, payments and everything else is only through the app so all your information and all the driver’s information is already in the app, so no funny business can occur. The app also works on a rating basis, just like uber so you can choose drivers with good reviews and many stars so you know that they are safe and experienced drivers.

Both apps are pretty good in my experience but Amovens tends to have cheaper prices. Also, depending on the driver they might be flexible on picking up and dropping off locations which is quite nice. They usually say it on the app if they are willing.

However, if you are travelling with a large suitcase you might want to check with the driver beforehand if its allowed because sometimes the cars are small and might not have too much space.

So that’s it, a really cool and cheap way to travel in Spain that I found to be quite useful and I wanted to share it with yall just in case it might help someone out in a pinch.


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