My experience in Morocco in 20 sentences.

1. The very same night we arrived in Fes a smooth-talking kid took us to drink some expensive mint tea which should have cost us way less.

2. Moroccan people argue loudly, very loudly about everything.

3. The tanneries in Fes are stinky but worth seeing.

Tanneries in Fez

4. Fes el Bali is a hot chaotic maze but I’m glad I stayed there just to say I did it.

5. There are camel heads just hanging out in Fes’s medina.

6. Harira soup is delicious!

7. Suddenly the loudspeakers on the street will burst into prayer, even late, late at night.

8. The best part of Morocco was the Merzouga desert which at first I didn’t even want to go!

9. Kala dunes hotel is run by a Spanish and Argentinian couple who moved to Morocco to build a paradise in the desert.

Kala dunes hotel

10. Camel rides on the desert to watch the sunset is a magical experience.

11. A 17-hour bus ride from Rissani (the desert) to Agadir is no joke, the bus is cramped, there are almost no toilet stops and people get nauseous and vomit.

12. Toilets in Morocco almost never come with toilet paper. Bring a roll.

13. Agadir is a beach and party town but get used to men harassing you all the time.

14. Once a man was driving by, saw us walking on the other side of the road, he parked, got off his car, crossed the street and started following us on foot.

15. Marrakesh’s night market is in Jemaa el-Fna go there to eat local street food.

16. The juice and smoothies in Marrakesh medina are so cheap, delicious and healthy.

17. Shopping in Morocco isn’t as fun as I thought it would be, its overpriced and arguing to make prices cheaper is too tiring.

18. I tried a teeny tiny bite of camel meat, psychologically it was impossible for me to like it.

19. But a chicken pastilla is amazing! It’s a pastry filled with savoury chicken and topped with powder sugar and cinnamon.

20. Some clubs in Marrakesh won’t let you in as a woman because they are especially for prostitutes and their clients, if they reject you from a club…that’s probably the reason.


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