Nachi Falls

Hours: 7:00am – 4:30pm
Price: 300 yen (But only if you want to see the waterfalls from the top)
Parking: 500 yen (If I remember correctly)
Wold heritage site: Yes!

Are dogs allowed?
Yes, dogs are allowed to enter but only until the unpaid area. If you wish to go up to the top to see the waterfall from higher then you need to buy a ticket (300 yen) and climb the stairs but dogs are not allowed inside.
That’s why we had to take turns to go up while someone stayed down with Whiskey. First, my parents went up while I waited and she was so worried the whole time that we’ve been left behind that she would not take her eyes off of the stairs where my parents had gone up. She’s so cute.
It’s a different view from up there and although it’s really beautiful I think that even if you don’t go up you are not missing much. The free area lets you see the waterfall pretty clearly. 

Why come here?
I wanted to come here because it’s the last stop of the pilgrimage called “Kumano Kodo” and at 133-meters it is also the tallest uninterrupted waterfall in Japan.  Someday I would love to walk the whole Kumano Kodo but, on this trip, I could not put my poor parents and Whiskey to a week-long walk.
Also, very close to the waterfall there is the beautiful “Seiganto-ji pagoda” and a huge shrine the “Kumano Nachi-Taisha”, so you get to see 3 places in one trip. 

Because I really wanted to take Whiskey on this trip I felt bad every time we had to leave her in the car waiting because most places don’t allow dogs so a place like Nachi falls was so precious to me because it meant Whiskey could come with us, at least to see part of it. 
The day we went was a bit cloudy and looked as if it would rain any minute but luckily for us it did not rain while we were there. Yay!
There are a lot of people who came to see the waterfalls, well, they are famous so that can’t be helped but most people came in bus tours so they would come in waves. When a bus arrived, there would be a lot of people but when the bus left we would have the waterfalls almost all to ourselves until the next one arrived.
In a moment when there weren’t other people around my mom and I played around and had fun with a few yoga poses. This reminded me that we had brought our yoga mats but hadn’t practiced at all! At the end of the trip which lasted 20 days we only did yoga 3 times…bad. But in my defence, it was cold and we were so tired from driving around all day.   

By this 5th day of our road trip my plans had completely gone off the rail and we were pretty much just winging it day by day but I’m glad that we made time to go see the Nachi falls (which were originally in the plan).
Up until this trip I didn’t even know about Wakayama Prefecture’s existence and now I can put it in my list of places I’ve been to in Japan. 
Also, in Nachi falls they have a long-life water fountain so if you want to make your life a few minutes longer then please go and drink!

Road station
Michi no eki Nachi
This is a place my mom found. Like I said our plans failed so my mom had to look for new places to stay every day and she did such a good job. This road station was not only a very quiet and peaceful place to spend the night but also it had a bath house! That is so rare and I was so grateful. 
It wasn’t not a fancy bath house but it was pretty clean and very cheap as well. 
Because up until now we had to look for a place to take a shower then find a place to spend the night (and they were usually far apart) I felt so lucky that mom found this place!
Plus, it is really close to Nachi falls. Maybe a 15-minute drive to them. There was another road station that is newer a bit closer to the waterfalls but I think our one was much better.  


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