YHA Taupo Finley Jack's Backpackers review

YHA Taupo Finley Jack’s Backpackers
Check in: 12pm
Check out: 10am

I was so happy because usually hostels have a 2 pm check in time but here it was 12 am! This was so cool!

I stayed at the 8-bed female dorm and yet another happy point, they weren’t bunk beds! Inside the room there small lockers which were just big enough to fit my valuables and not much else but at least it had lockers.

And the best part of all, the bathrooms was inside the room. No need to go out to the communal showers here. I love that, it’s so convenient. And the bathroom was pretty clean too.

Reception was friendly and gave out maps of Taupo and explained the best places to go, really helpful. And you could even book some activities with them.

It was one of the best hostels I have stayed at. But of course, nothing is perfect…
I don’t know, probably I just happened to be there on a bad night or something, but it was one of the noisiest nights I have experienced so far in a hostel. The people staying in the room above decided to have a party…a loud all-night-long party….complete with screaming, laughing, music, and running. It was impossible to sleep and worst part of all they never stopped the party, I only got peace and quiet once I checked out at 6 am in the morning to catch my shuttle bus to do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. And the quiet came from me no longer being in that hostel, in case I wasn’t clear.

Apart from that glitch which I hope it was just a bad night with bad guests then I thought it was a pretty good hostel.
And to all those travellers out there who stay in hostels, please do your partying in a bar, a pub in a park or whatever but not in your damn dorm! sorry.


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