On the Beach Backpackers Lodge review

On the Beach Backpackers Lodge

Like the name says this hostel is on the beach and by that I mean like right in front of the beach, Mercury Bay to be exact. Its like staying in a fancy beach-front hotel but without the expensive price! Yay!! I felt all fancy Nancy staying here.

Its a little bit of a walk to town but I think its worth it, because you can walk on the beach!

Even though every time I stay in a mixed dorm I swear them off forever, when I see the cheaper price I cave so I ended up choosing the 12-bed mixed dormitory room. But this time, I loved the room! even though there were 12 beds it was not crowded at all because the room was separated into 3 sections.  Most of the beds weren't bunk beds and the room had a stunning view of Mercury bay which really helped the atmosphere. 

The room and beds were very clean and even though it was a mixed room there were only girls staying there that night. 
There was a small locker under some of the beds and enough electrical outlets so important to me I’m an electricity addict!
The bathroom was inside the room, not the cleanest but within acceptable standards for me.
But the shower…..I got in the shower and the water pressure was so weak when you turned the hot water on. It took me forever to wash up because there was only one miserable thin string of hot water coming out of the shower head. I might as well have showered with tears! Why!? Everything was so perfect until now!! 

The kitchen and dining rooms were also very clean, almost looked unused. 

Oh and important for my trip this time, free parking! Yay!

Maybe because of the location or maybe because being winter its a quiet season but it was so quiet at night, I got a good nights sleep.

Except for the shower I really liked this hostel. It was amazeballs! Thank you to the owner for making a beachfront affordable accommodation! Muah to you


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