Finns Global Backpackers review

Finns Global Backpackers
I don’t know how to put this nicely…so I will just say that I came to Taupo on a whim and without much planning, which left me with no options when it came to hostels and because this was the only place opened for my second and third night in Taupo I booked it.
Little did I know that this place just wasn’t for someone weak-hearted like me.

Night 1
All dorm rooms were booked and so I had no option but to stay in the couple’s room even though I was alone. It was of course the price of 2 people for one, and for me it was not worth it. 
As soon as I opened the door to my room, a strong smell of mold hit me. The beds had stains on the sheets. Curtains were dusty and the red carpet had black stains all over it and the private bathroom looked so old and dirty…
Seeing this room after having had a horrible day trying to do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in pouring rain, being soaked and cold for hours and having had no sleep the night before from a noisy hostel room. I was in the brink of tears….
 I had enough and decided I was done with Taupo, no more! And I was just about to book a late night bus back to Auckland when I got a message from a fellow traveller I met the night before at the hostel and we agreed to meet for dinner and drinks.
I couldn’t say no to opportunity the opportunity to go to a fancy restaurant and splurge as a reward for having had such a horrible day so I postponed going back to Auckland.
Sometimes the people you meet while travelling are the best part of travel, she rescued me from going insane with frustration and loneliness in a crummy hostel room.

Night 2
For my second day I was able to move to a cheaper 3-bed female dorm. Obviously it wasn’t much better than the private room but at least I had other 2 girls with me there being miserable together. LOL I guess it made me feel better knowing that I wasn’t alone in there. 
The most frustrating part of this room was that there was only 2 electric plugs for 3 people, I had to wait ages to charge my phone. I know, first world problems…but my phone is my life while traveling. 
The night was so noisy because there is a bar downstairs and the band was playing, it’s an old building so the whole place was kind of shaking from the music vibrations. 
But I guess you can’t call yourself a proper backpacker if you haven’t stayed at a place like this at least once during your travels huh? And to be fair, I have stayed at worst places than this. Also the communal showers werent that bad.


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