Base Auckland review

Base Auckland
Base hostels are also a “brand” hostel with branches all over Australia and New Zealand. It was one of the best hostels I stayed while I was in Australia so I had some high expectations for this one.
It was a little more expensive than YHA but it was also very located right in the CBD, with a countdown supermarket and many fast food restaurants nearby it was so much more convenient than YHA. And on check in they gave me a set with a bath towel, soap, shampoo and conditioner!
Wow! Amenities in a hostel! Yay! 
Check in time: 2pm
Check out time: 10am

If you need a proof of address to open a bank account you need a minimum of 3 nights stay. 

I stayed in a 6-bed female dorm. And the room was amazing. Clean sheets, clean room. Lockers under the beds (but didn’t fit my bigger suitcase). And best of all was the view from my window! I could see the city from up there!

Everything was fine until I saw the showers….
They were small and dirty looking and there was no place to put your stuff but a single hook on the door. Lucky thing I had brought a waterproof bag for this cases.

But the toilets were cleaner. Phew.

I got really excited when I saw hairdryers though! OMG the joy of having a hairdryer! LOL

This was the kitchen/ dining room

The luggage storage room in case you need it before checking in…..What a place though…I got no words….

The second night I moved rooms into the “girl’s sanctuary” section. There was no difference except no windows in the room and the “sanctuary” part maybe was this small reading room? I wasn’t sure about that….

Anyways this place had some ups and downs but overall I thought it was pretty good. 


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