Beachhaven Holiday Park review

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I didn't book in advance because I was unsure where I would end up staying in Coromandel this day. Turns out my mood took me to Waihi.
And after a long day of fun and long drive from Port Jackson to Waihi. I looked for the cheapest available place in Waihi that night. Beachaven!

This is not a hostel, its a campervan site but they do have backpacker dormitories and I stayed in the 8 bed mixed dorm.

These are some things I liked about this place 

1.) Even though I came after reception hours there was a phone to call the staff and check in late.

2.) Showers and bathrooms were super clean! Like surprisingly clean for a camping place. They even had a hairdryer!

3.) Kitchen was also very clean, although I didn't cook there. 

4.) The view if the stars! I guess I'm just not used to seeing that many stars too bad I cant take photos of that.

5.) Even though there is supposed to be no parking for the backpacker room the staff let me park anyways. So kind.

6.) Electric plugs on every bed! UM.. can all hostels copy this genius idea?

Things I didn't like about this place
1.) The room was a little cold, but I guess that's just winter.

More pros than cons for me. In case you need one more pro. This is the sunrise from the beach, a short walk away from Beachaven

I shared a room with a couple and also this Chinese woman who loved talking but I could only understand a teeny bit of what she was saying. Nice lady though she is in NZ doing some of the most famous hiking tracks and she had just done the Tongariro Alpine Crossing which I failed at miserably 2 months ago...


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