Rangitoto Island


Rangitoto Island is located 25 minutes by ferry from Auckland. And it’s a really cool because it’s a volcano last active barely 600 years ago! Not so long ago huh? Because it’s a volcanic island the whole place is covered in this volcanic rock which feels a little like walking on big chunks of crushed Oreos.
My budget 
▸Ferry:                     $20 (7:30 am early bird fee) regular price is $30
▸Food and water:    $5 (Countdown on sale bread and water)

What to bring
Because is an un-populated island you must take all the food, drinks and things you will need for your day. The followings are a must
Easy to walk shoes (Them crushed Oreos be hard to walk on!)

Seriously there is nothing on this island except for trees, volcanic rock and birds so Do Not forget to bring at least water!
 And just in case you were wondering there are some bathrooms so no need to worry about that

When you get down from the ferry your hiking adventure starts. And you can choose where to go and how to get there depending on your physical ability. But if you are feeling a little lazy there is this really cool looking “Volcanic Explorer” that will take you on a tour of the island. For an extra fee of course.

I’m more of a walking, money saving kind of girl so of course I walked.

This is the map of the island. It takes about 55 minutes to walk from the wharf to the summit. In case you were wondering.

But as I was walking the summit track, I found this other less chosen track.   “Wilsons Park Track”. This path no one was choosing so I decided to go the road less travelled, and I soon realized why no one was choosing it, the level was higher there were ups and downs, narrow ways, there were patches where the trees were so dense it was actually kind of dark and witchy and sometimes I didn’t even know where the path was! But you know what? I loved every minute of it. It was thrilling and scary and I loved it! I even got to meet this little fellow

Cute right?

After Wilsons park track was over I had 2 options. Go down to Mckenzie Bay or up to the summit.
Of course I chose Mckenzie Bay! Followed this cool road for 30 minutes and


Nice place for a picnic huh?

After eating I headed for the summit. Of course!
It took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the summit from Mckenzie bay but it was worth it.
The views from the top were amazing! Especially because it was such good weather

This is the crater….you need to use your imagination since I’m not a good photographer. This is a crater, so picture a deep hole filled with trees.

After enjoying the summit glory I headed down to the lava caves. No there is no lava..so don’t think you will see lava. Its just caves that were formed with lava. 
I got to admit that the caves were my favourite part of Rangitoto
It is scary to go into this tiny hole which is the entrance of the cave, you don’t even know how long you will have to shrink your body but don’t worry! The caves get bigger. At least the middle one does. And getting out you will have to use your spidy powers. I’m kidding but yes it’s a bit tough to get out because you have to climb up and go through another tiny hole with nothing to hold onto but sharp volcanic Oreos. I felt like a professional cave-exiter! I wanted to go in and out again and again but since it is one of the most popular spots it can get a bit crowded. So yeah. Once was all I could do.

Definitely recommend to go to Rangitoto if you have time!


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