Driving to The Coromandel

 May 2017

Auckland to Whitianga

I rented a car with Jucy and I fell in love with my smooth and easy to drive blue car.
This was my baby for 4 days.

Driving from Jucy's parking lot to the motorway I was so nervous! I was going slow and trying to figure out the streets but once in the motorway it was easy peasy.

I had 2 options on how to go to Whitianga
The fast road or the Scenic road.
Since google maps didn't show me the scenic road I went with the fast road, but in NZ even the "boring" fast road looked scenic to me.

I was so amazed by how beautiful the road was that I started filming a video of the drive, and by unlucky chance got to film how I naturally react when I hit a bird....

I'm so sorry bird.

After an hour and a half of driving I arrived!
I actually pulled over to celebrate this moment.

My first stop was Thames, the biggest town in The Coromandel, I went to the iSite for some recommendations on where to go for the day and the lady kindly gave me a few nice choices.
At the end I chose to do "The 309 Road" which is a 20 km road that connects the east and west end of Coromandel. If you are unsure where The 309 road start just put the address for Coromandel Mussel Kitchen in Google Maps.
The road is narrow and halfway through it becomes an "unsealed road" which apparently means its just an unpaved gravel road.

Along the 309 I stopped to see Waiau Falls

And Waiau Kauri grove

When I arrived to Whitianga it was already 4pm so I went directly to my hostel for the night「On the beach backpackers lodge」 ➡my review

A little walk through town afterwards showed me how quiet this little town is in the evening. 
There were only a few restaurants, stores, a small library and I was surprised it even had a small cinema. You can tell is a small town when there is no buildings over 2 stories high haha

To finish the day I just had take-away Chinese food and watched the sunset.
I took so many photos and selfies that my food got cold but #noregrets 

By 5:30 pm it was pitch dark outside and with nothing to do I went back to the hostel, 5:30 pm  and nothing to do...Oh how I missed unlimited WiFi. 
I just snuggled in bed trying to keep warm and went to sleep (don't judge) at 8 pm.


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