10 things I will miss from Auckland

During my one year in New Zealand I lived mostly in Auckland. I chose this city because it is the biggest one in the whole New Zealand and I thought there would be more job opportunities and better life. 
I like big cities and Auckland was small at first, too small and boring. But I grew to like it and I liked the smallness because it means I that I have all the comforts I need in one place.
I will miss these things from Auckland even though they might not be particularly only in Auckland.

1.    Southern Maid donuts

Their sugar glazed donuts are the best and I will miss them!

2.    Real groovy 

I loved killing time in this place! They have all kinds of funky items from fake business cards to penis shaped pasta. Plus, they have a great selection of books, movies, records and board games. They have it all! 

3.    Angus steak house

It’s a bit pricey but I every once in a while, I crave to eat a big ass steak and here you can choose your own steak, plus they have a buffet style salad bar. It’s the best! 

4.    Ferry terminal

I love it that they have a ferry terminal in the city so when you want a break from the “big city life” you can just get on a ferry and go explore an island.

5.    Sunday morning yoga at Lululemon Britomart

I know it’s a worldwide store but the first time I knew about it was here in Auckland and I loved going to the free Sunday morning yoga classes with my friend. Such sweet memories.

6.    Viva dance

I only went here for a month but I loved my belly dance teacher and I wish I could still take classes here.

7.    Pizza club

The best pizza in Auckland for sure. I am so going to miss their chicken chipotle pizza. 

8.    Poppa’s pretzels

I know there are pretzel shops everywhere in the world but I will miss you! Your Deliciousnes

9.    Eden noodle café

The best dumplings I have ever had in my life! And one of the few places where they sell truly spicy food in Auckland.

10.    People’s politeness

When I first got into a bus in NZ I was surprised because as the people got off of the bus they all yelled: “Thank you driver”. That taught me a lesson in manners that I hadn’t seen anywhere else that I have been. 

Have you been to Auckland? if so what do you miss the most when you leave?


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