New Zealand Souvenirs ideas for family and friends

Your holiday in New Zealand is over, it’s time to go home back to reality and your friends and family expect you to bring souvenirs from your trip. 
But what do you take? It’s difficult because you need to think of your budget and how much space you have in your suitcase, so I made a list of NZ souvenirs according to price.

Cheap souvenirs ($5 ~ $10)    

1.    Whittaker’s chocolates
They are NZ made chocolates that come in many flavours, and plus chocolate is always a nice souvenir because who doesn’t like chocolate!?

2.    Cookie time
These cookies are on every supermarket in NZ, there was even a cookie time bar in Queenstown. They are delicious and reasonably cheap. 

3.    Post card
You can buy one from whenever you have been to and write something interesting that happened while you were there. It’s always a nice surprise to get something other than bills on the mail.
4.    Shot glasses
If you love alcohol and shots then it would be so cool to have a shot glass collection from every country you visit, and NZ has some pretty cute shot glasses.

Medium priced souvenirs ($10 ~ $50)

1.    Key chain
Why not start a key chain collection for someone you care for? It’s going to be cool to look back on in a few years when you are old and decrepit.

2.    All blacks piggy bank
I gave one to my own sister and she must feed it every week or else things will happen…

3.    Manuka honey
It’s all the craze here, manuka products everywhere!

4.    Merino wool gloves or socks
In the sheep country of NZ, Merino wool items are the best souvenir but they can be super expensive. However, gloves and socks are a bit more reasonably priced. You can get a pair for something like $30 and some souvenir shops offer discounts if you buy a certain number of them.

Fancy ass souvenirs ($50 and up)

1.    Merino wool clothing
If you have money to spend then you might want to go fancy and get some Merino wool items as a souvenir, they are soft and warm. 

2.    The one ring
If you came to NZ then maybe you went to any of the Lord of the rings film locations and saw the “one ring”. It’s definitely a super cool souvenir which will surely be your precious forever, but it costs over $100.

3.    Jade necklaces
I saw this everywhere in NZ, especially ones with Maori symbols. They are pretty and I’m sure the symbols have beautiful meanings meant for whoever you are gifting it to. 


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