How was the Hobbiton Movie set tour?

Tour ticket:  $79 (adult) According to the website prices will go up to $84 after April 1, 2018!!!
Closest town: Matamata
Tour time: 2 hours (see the picture below for departing times)

Found this info right outside the iSite

Is it worth going to Hobbiton?
This is such a famous place to visit when in NZ even if you are not a big Lord of the Rings fan so for me, Yes it was worth it. 

But I think that because the tour itself only lasts 2 hours is much better to come here on your way to somewhere else or pair it with some other activity.
For example take the Waitomo gloworm cave & Hobbiton tour (which is the one I did in 2015).

Can I go to Hobbiton without a tour?
Unfortunately no.
Such a shame too, because the tour goes kind of fast so there is not too much time to take pictures. 
It kind of feels like being on a human conveyer belt. Lol.
Also the price for the ticket is the same if you go from Matamata or if you drive to the the shire's rest itself. 
That said, the tour guide was really enthusiastic and I loved her, she explained everything, and took nice pictures of each one in the group.

Can I go inside the hobbit holes?
Dream crusher...No
They are just "doors" not houses, well, actually you can go inside of one hobbit hole but there is nothing inside.

What was the best part of the tour?
For me the best part was the dragon inn and with the tour they give you one free drink! 
You can choose out of 4 options and I chose the apple cider. Yum! Also everything including the bathrooms are so fancy here!

I also liked the gift shop, unfortunately we only got 15 minutes of browsing around the shop before our bus departure time. I think they should allow a little more time here but oh well... 

Also the detail they put into Hobbiton is incredible! Like this tree, can you guess which one is the fake tree?

Matamata, to stay or not to stay?
To be honest I stayed in town in Matamata backpackers (My review HERE) but if someone asked my opinion I would them do not stay. 
At least not if you don't have a car because there is nothing to do in Matamata besides Hobbiton. 
I am not trying to be mean to poor Matamata but I stayed in town and experienced first hand how small it was. I actually I asked both in the iSite and in the hostel I was staying at and in both places this was the conversation I had:

Me: Is there anything to do in town besides Hobbiton?

iSite/hostel: Do you have a car?

Me: No

iSite/hostel: Then nothing

If you have any questions please ask in the comment section and I will do my best to answer!


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