Driving to Karangahake Gorge & Paeroa

My last day on the Coromandel started on Waihi and the morning was so foggy it made the whole place look like a creepy zombie town. Sorry I couldn’t stay to see its true colours.

But I had a full schedule ahead of me. Karangahake gorge and Paeroa bottle! 
I did, however, get to try this giant muffin in Waihi. This was the blueberry muffin, almost as big as my face, and so delicious! 

After that I drove to my Karangahake gorge, on the side of Victoria Battery, which is an old gold processing place. 
But I found no gold here…

Keep on walking and I saw the Owharoa Falls. Pretty cool place. Again no one but me there. Man... this trip is just all about the “me” time. 

I tried to take a “cool” picture of me walking towards the falls….and failed horribly.
I got stuck on a pile of mud and ruined my shoes.

Then to the mines of Moria!!! (no, sorry I’m kidding it’s not really the mines of Moria) 

The mines were so cool but it was so dark! So seriously dark and black I didn’t dare to go any further. I suddenly was really scared to keep going and couldn’t get out of the mines fast enough. 
It was a cool place though but next time better bring a flashlight or “a torch” how they call them here, because iphone light is not strong enough.
Honestly I thought that a couple hours in Karangahake gorge would be more than enough, I just didn’t think an old gold mine would be exciting and just went there to cross it off a list but man, I had fun there. It’s actually a really interesting place and it has a lot to see! More than I expected and I regretted not having arranged a little more time here. 3 hours was just not enough.

Before driving back to Auckland I just had time for one last quick stop in Paeroa and take a picture with the famous huge bottle of Lemon & Paeroa. A drink I have yet to taste…

The bottle was easy to find yet it was in such a random place, I thought there would have been more glory to it but its just in a small park in front of a gas station? or was it a mechanic shop. I dont know...

Bye Coromandel! I will miss you
Hopefully I will get to visit again. Now back to Auckland.


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