Rotorua Walkway & Polynesian Spa

June 2017

For my last day in Rotorua I had to catch the bus back to Auckland at 4 pm so I had enough time to do the Rotorua Walkway and relax in the Polynesian Spa.

Rotorua Walkway

I got up early in the morning to do the walk before checking out of the hostel. It feels good to do a morning walk in such a special place. I thought it was going to be just a normal lake walk but I was so wrong! its full of surprises. 

The top 5 things that surprised me the most about the Rotorua walkway were:
1.    The sun rises behind the government gardens!

2.    The amount of ducks and swans in Rotorua Lake is insane

3.    Rotorua Lake’s water is white!!! 

4.    So many thermal areas around the lake. A sign warned that the rock was only 2 cm thick in some areas, making it dangerous to walk and that's why it was important to keep in the path!

5.    There is a laughing gas pool! whaaaa 

After a very pleasant and educational walk I had to go back to YHA to check out. And then before my bus back to Auckland I decided to go relax at the 

Polynesian Spa!!!

Spa price:  
$29 for the adult pools (7 pools)  
$10 tower hire (you get $5 back after returning the towel)
$5 locker hire (but I didn’t need it)

5 useful things to bring to the Polynesian Spa
1.    Bathing suit
2.    Bath towel
3.    Flip flops
4.    Toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc)
5.    Drinks

I chose to be in the adult pools because they have 7 pools and no kids are allowed. 
There is a big changing room where you can take a shower and change to a swimsuit before going into the pools.

I went on a weekday morning so there were just a few people in the spa which allowed me to shamelessly take a few pictures.

The temperature in each pool is different, with the hottest one being 42 degrees Celsius, on a cold day the hottest spa was my favourite. It was very relaxing, and it had a view of the lake. I loved the place so much I stayed there for 3 whole hours, I didn't even feel uncomfortable being there by myself. I only left because I had to catch my bus. 


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