Redwoods Whakarewarea Forest

June 2017

I arrived to Rotorua at 1 pm, the intercity bus stops right in front of the iSite so I went in for some information.

The lady in the iSite was so helpful I only knew I wanted to go to Wai-o-Tapu and she explained to me that "HeadFirst" offered a tour to Wai-o-Tapu and Waimangu (which I didn't even know existed) Two thermal areas!? sign me up! 

Redwoods Whakarewarea Forest
Since I still has plenty of time in the day the lady at the iSite suggested the Redwoods Forest which is free! And I could catch the public bus to go there for just $2.70 one way.
To go to the Redwoods just catch the number 3 bus in Arawa street which is the street right next to the iSite and get off at Lynmore. Its just like 10 minutes by bus and it runs every half an hour.

The Redwoods was an amazing place, the trees are so tall it made me feel so tiny!

And I also found this really cool pond with clear blue water. Unreal.

If you want to do some of the hiking tracks or the Tree walk you should come to the Redwoods iSite because they all start here and there is plenty of parking. From the bus stop to the iSite was about a 10-15 minute walk.

These are the prices for doing the Tree walk.

I didn't do it cause I was stingy but looked really fun, especially I would love to do it at night, except there wouldn't be buses back to town...

Speaking of town, walking in night time Rotorua was full of color. Its such a lively town even at nighttime. I love that!

For dinner I had a bowl of ramen...

I only had a milkshake for lunch and the day was freezing cold so the first bite of ramen was heaven on earth, the second bite though....reality hit. Lets just say it was a $12.50 bowl of chicken consomé flavor cup ramen, I could have gone to the supermarket and get it for 70 cents... but at least it warmed me up...

And my hostel for the night was...drumroll
Cactus Jacks Backpackers! see my review HERE


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