Tiritiri Matangi Island

June 2017

Ferry ticket: $70 (ferry + walking tour is $80)
Where to buy the ticket: Auckland Pier, Wharf 4
Ferry departure time: 9 am

After a very long 75 minutes the ferry arrived at Tiritiri Island. 
This is a wildlife sanctuary so obviously the main thing is the wild life, specifically the birds. It's a bird island!! so the thing to do it's all mostly just walking around nature watching birds. And there are so many birds! 

Like this bird who kept following me and around showing me its butt...

Bird: How dare you come to my island, ama poop on you!
Me: and I'm gonna take a picture!

Birds everywhere! and they got so
close to me even if I was just walking around with no food in sight.

It was fun trying to take a picture
of the birds because sometimes it almost felt as if they were posing for the camera!

The lighthouse is pretty cute and there is a shop near it that sells all kinds of souvenirs. 

Other than that, it was just another island for me...New Zealand has ruined me in a way because it has so many beautiful places that now I'm just too used it. 
I'm sure Tiritiri Island is a beautiful place but I'm just like...meh, I've seen better....

I don't regret going because it's one more destination to cross off my list but if I was to recommend places to someone visiting NZ for a short time this island wouldn't make the cut.

But if you are staying in Auckland for a while then why not go meet some birds, learn about them, take a walk in one of the many many paths and take some silly pictures, it's really nice for a day trip. 

Oh, and bring your own snacks and drinks because there is no place selling food in the island.

Just as as I was leaving guess who came to say good-bye

Bye bye Tiritiri Matangi Island, it was my pleasure to meet you!


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