Driving to Port Jackson with a regular car

May, 2017
I was out and about driving well before sunrise. From Whitianga to Port Jackson it’s a 2 hour drive but of course it’s more for me because I stop everywhere to take pictures of everything.
First stop was Coromandel Town. At 8 am it was empty and quiet. Only a few cafes were starting to open for the day.

For breakfast I had a chai latte and apple strudel from this bakery.

While eating in my car I started to get some company…

Then another quick stop at Colville. The last town in civilization before entering unsealed gravel roads, it's also the last opportunity to fill your gas tank so fill up if you need to. They have a very convenient toilet here and it’s guarded by this beautiful horse.

After this sign there is no more paved road, it’s like 30 km of gravel road. I didn’t know this until I got here…oops

I was so scared because I wasn’t sure if my car could handle this kind of roads. Maybe I should have rented a car with 4 wheel drive…what if I broke the car? Or will the sharp gravel rocks puncture the tires? I was filled with doubt if I should keep going or quit and go somewhere else. But….But…Port Jackson looks so pretty!

Fear never takes me anywhere, driving does, so I kept on going. Driving carefully and slowly to try to keep the car safe. I was going at like 30-40 km/hr. So slow it took me forever! 
This is definitely a hard road to go, its narrow and with many curves, if there is another car coming it’s a doozy but I was lucky and just encountered one car and I was able to find a wide space to stop and give them way.
On one side of the road you got the ocean, and on the other side it’s mostly cow farms. See?

But I enjoyed the views and the privacy to take a couple of silly pictures that I couldn't take in a busy road.

After driving for ages in that gravel road, full of a true fear of breaking the car I finally arrived at Port Jackson’s camping ground! And the car had survived!!!

These are the camping fees but it said nothing of day visitor fees so…it’s free? There was no one in the office to pay anyways.

The beach here was the best I have seen in my life. It just seemed so colourful. The greenest mountains and the bluest ocean! I don’t think my pictures do it justice but here are a few.

I found a seagull eating this fish so cleanly. I was so surprised birds can eat so clean!

 Lunch time!

One thing hard thing about travelling alone…taking that perfect picture of yourself….it takes forever this one took me like 20 minutes of trying and trying. LOL I know. I’m a loser.

I also attempted to go to Fletcher Bay but after seeing that the gravel roads got considerably rougher and this puddle of water in the way. I decided not to push my luck and risk breaking the car…

The way home was the most difficult part. I just didn’t want to leave this place. It was so peaceful, beautiful and colourful. Leaving was the hardest thing. I just forced myself to go because it was supposed to rain and I didn’t want to be in gravel roads in the rain. 

My car made it safe and sound, so I guess normal cars can make it after all. But I went slow and carefully. I guess if you wanted to go further and without fears a 4x4 would be better. 
Other than that take some food and water with you because there is no shops here. There are many toilets and even a shower for those camping.
Oh, and sadly no dogs are allowed here. Why!? Oh Why the racism on dogs?

 This night I stayed at Beachhaven Holiday Park in Waihi Beach My Review.


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