Waiheke Island, Auckland

May 8th, 2017

I wanted to be able to write about things to do in Waiheke Island and how beautiful it was but honestly I couldn’t really enjoy it fully today. The reason is because I this time, I didn’t go alone.
I was accompanied by someone I met randomly and since he was leaving back to his country in a couple of days he tagged along with me on my trip to Waiheke. I will call this guy T.
Sometimes when you have a bad day during a trip having some company is just what you need.
However, I realized that while I travel, I enjoy it more if I am alone. This is because I am a selfish traveller, I want to go where I please and stay in a place as long as I want. And when you go with someone else you have to consider what they can do and what they want to do.
T was a “safe path” kind of guy, so whenever there was an option of either sidewalk along the street or a bushy, forest looking path, T would choose the sidewalk. That’s ok but I felt like I missed out on most of the fun of Waiheke just because we walked alongside the cars instead of the beach. Of course walking along the street was pretty boring, we just saw houses and cars, there were no views or any adventure to it, so of course we got bored and tired very quickly and decided to take the bus. 

The bus took us pretty quickly from one beach to another and the beaches were beautiful but I guess without the effort of having walked to them there was just not any rewarding feeling and because all beaches kind of looked the same, and since its winter and we couldn’t even swim, there was not much to do but walk along the shore and take a few pictures. 

One part that I really wished I was alone with was when I found a hidden beach kind of place. Now this is the kind of thing I really like. It was hidden from view and it was a little hard to get there but it was a really beautiful and peaceful place. I wanted to stay there for hours, I had brought my beach towel and just wanted to sit there and absorb the view, maybe take a nap, maybe write on my journal. Only one thing, T was waiting for me….
He had decided that the path to go there was too dangerous for him, but really the only danger was to fall into the water and at most, get your shoe wet, but seriously if you went through the rocks it was just fine. Regardless he stayed behind looking at his phone…fun
With a pang of regret I had to go back and leave my heaven behind.

On a pamphlet I read about the Stony Batter Gun Placements, a place that looks like this

But I couldn’t see it for myself because it’s in the Eastern side of Waiheke. 25 km away from the ferry and according to T it was not worth it to go that far just to see some rocks. So after lunch we decided to turn back and head back to Auckland. I wanted to tell T to just go without me but I didn’t want to seem rude so here I am back in Auckland and it’s not even 2pm.
Maybe I sound a little too negative about poor T but actually it was not bad. We just had different styles to explore a place.

And eat in a nice café! Pork belly and cracked wheat (cracked wheat tasted like rice to me)


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