Hot water beach, Shakespeare’s cliff and Cathedral cove

It was so cold in the morning it took a lot of effort to get out of bed and when I finally did go down to start my second day of exploring the Coromandel I found my car like this

Frozen windows and no ice scraper.
Pop Quiz
With what tool did I scrape off the ice?
A.)    A spoon
B.)    A sea shell
C.)    A coin

As I was warming up my car this was the sunrise view from the hostel “On the Beach backpackers”. Some kind of mist was coming out from the ocean and it was something I hadn’t seen before in my life. Is this because it was cold?

1.    Hot water beach
This is the place everyone recommended me to come and see, hire a spade and dip in a natural beach-spa. But allow me to disappoint you. I didn’t do it (Crying). 
First of all, I went early in the morning before 9 am and nobody was there, so I couldn’t hire a spade if I even if wanted to. And second of all being as shy as I am I did feel quite silly to be digging a hole and spa-ing by myself even if I had all the tools, this kind of places make me wish I had a travel companion.
With no one there it just seems like any other regular beach. I touched the sand and the water and it was cold, you couldn’t tell there was hot stuff under. My recommendation if you want to come here check the tide times and bring a partner in crime.

2.    Shakespeare’s cliff
It should be close to Whitianga if you take the ferry but driving takes about 35 minutes, because you have to go around the water. 
Shakespeare’s Cliff itself has a few walking tracks which lead to different look out points. I walked to somewhere called “Lonely bay lookout” which was basically a grassy hill with a slight view of the ocean. Then to “Lonely bay” itself and it lonely for sure no one was there. Nothing but peace and quiet. 
To be honest I could have done without seeing this place if I had less time in Coromandel. It didn’t impress me much.

3.    Cathedral Cove
I always like to leave the best for last. Dessert. So my last destination for the day was the famous Cathedral cove, it’s in all the pamphlets of the Coromandel. And beautiful pictures of this keep appearing on my pinterest. Of course I had to see it!
There are all kinds of tours that bring you here by boat. The cheapest one I was told in the iSite is $75 and it takes you to the caves and all. 
But I had a car and wanted to save money. Driving there was easy, there is signs everywhere so you can’t get lost. Since it was off-season there was plenty of parking space.

Parking fee: Free!!!
From the parking to Cathedral Cove it’s a 45 minute easy walk, mostly going downhill through a paved road. The walk itself took has amazing views.

And finally the Cathedral Cove itself

Why do vegans feel the need to show the world their dietary choice? Even in a place like the Cathedral cove? LOL 

I stayed here about 2 or 3 hours and then go back to the parking lot. If coming here was the easy part going up was the more challenging part because you go uphill. But really, it’s not that bad.

This night I stayed at another great hostel "Turtlecove Accomodation" here is my review.


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