Cape Palliser 

After living in Wellington for a whole month I had pretty much seen all there was to see (for free) and was getting a little bored.

Then a miracle happened!
A girl who I befriended from work and who also lived in the same hostel as me, mentioned that she owned a car but never used it because she couldn't drive, and she offered to lend me the car anytime I wanted.


Of course I gladly took her offer right away and I chose to go to Cape Palliser, the most southern point in NZ's north island.
Its about 2 and a half hours drive from
Wellington and on the way (if you are up for a hike) you can also see the Putangirua Pinnacles which is one of the locations where they shot Lord of the rings.

Also on Cape Palliser road there was a group of seals, I couldn't believe they were so close!
But don't get too close to them as they can be dangerous if they feel threatened, apparently they can even kill people...

There is also a lighthouse but to get there you must climb endless stairs....

So many stairs that when I got there I collapsed of tiredness! hahaha I need to do more exercise.

But going up was so worth it because its such a beautiful lighthouse AND even more beautiful views of the ocean.

And since there was nobody there we could do all kinds of crazy poses.

So yeah, if you are looking for somewhere near Wellington to do a day trip this is a pretty neat place to see.


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