Snorkelling the great barrier reef

I’m not much of an ocean person and live fish freak me out but going to the great barrier reef was a goal of mine ever since I stepped foot in Australia almost 2 years ago, and finally I had the opportunity to go!
There are so many tour options that I had absolutely no idea which one to choose, luckily the hostel that I was staying at YHA Cairns sent me an e-mail with information about Cairns and tours to join.
Thank you YHA!!
I chose Quicksilver Silverswift’s snorkelling tour with the underwater camera hire. From 8am to 5:30pm they took us to 3 different snorkelling spots (about 1 hour on the water on each spot) and there was a buffet lunch included.

I had #noregrets from choosing this tour because they were so accommodating from the beginning! First of all, my flight was delayed for several hours which meant that I couldn’t go pick up my underwater camera but the camera guy came in late at night just to deliver my camera! Aw!!!

On the tours the guides themselves were really awesome, I think I might have been the only one in the boat that was traveling alone but the staff were so friendly to me that I didn’t feel like I was alone…of course it must have been partly because there were 3 Japanese staff and I was the only Japanese customer aboard that day.

Snorkelling was so fun for me, especially because I had the camera and I had so much fun trying my hand at underwater photography. Quite difficult by the way but one of the guides taught me that the deeper the water the bluer the photo, and the shallower the more colour in the photo. 
Left photo is shallow water, Right photo is deeper water.

Also, kind of stupid but I also loved the bubbles the divers made…

The barrier reef was incredible, there are so many fish, fish so colourful they look fake and made for tourists, the coral itself was colourful too and filled with weird shapes and spikes. It was really, super cool to experience it. It was a strange feeling because I was scared of the fish and touching the sharp coral but at the same time I couldn’t stop swimming to see more and more. I even wanted to see a shark…
Real conversation with one of the tour guides…
Guide: Did you see the shark?
Me: a shark!? No…
Guide: Then you should have swam more
Me: Yeah, but I don’t think I want to see a shark…
Guide: haha, its small, its smaller than you
Me: Oh, then maybe I saw it and just didn’t recognize it
Guide: A shark is a shark, if you see it you will recognize it.


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