Is Cockatoo Island hunted?

October, 2017

Cockatoo island is really close from Sydney and it’s a UNESCO world heritage site and so despite its reputation for being haunted I had to go and see it. 
Now that Halloween is approaching there is even a night time haunted history tour going on. I hate those kinds of places because I don’t really want to see a ghost, I feel like it would give me a sure heart attack but still I was curious to see this famous island so I decided to go but in the day time and of course not on Halloween.
I asked one of my friends who had recently gone there what she thought about it, did she find it scary? she told me that she did indeed feel a little scared in the island, especially in dark places like the tunnels she felt cold shivers. 
Ok…. scary….
Despite all that I decided to go and take a look for myself, and I guess it is really a popular destination because even on a Wednesday morning there were a lot of people going to visit. The ferry was almost full! 
Arriving at Cockatoo island my first impression of the island was that the island is very tiny! I could see from the ferry how small the island was.
My second impression was “Man there are so many seagulls!”
Contrary to what my friend told me, I did not feel scared for ghosts in the tunnels, in fact, I felt safe there because it was the only place where seagulls didn’t come and attack me.

Cockatoo island tunnels

The seagulls in this island were vicious, I think they were possessed because they would scream at me and one of them even flew to my head, grabbed my hair which was in a top bun and pulled my hair!!!
Little devils, those seagulls.
And this is a video I took of a seagull that would not let me near this tower. 

But actually, there are less seagulls near the ferry wharf, which is where the “glamping” is. I cannot believe that some people are brave enough to stay and camp in this island.

Also, there is one of those cool big chess boards near the camping site. If I knew how to play chess I would love to play a game in one of these.

Despite being a nice place to explore around I left the island almost running, I think I only stayed little over an hour because I was just too scared of the seagulls!!! I saw other girls carrying long tree branches to shoo them away but after being attacked by seagulls twice I was done. 
So, my opinion is that it might be a beautiful world heritage site, and I still don’t know if Cockatoo Island is haunted or not because I was too busy worrying about the seagulls that just did not want me there. I felt I was inside the game angry birds and someone was throwing these birds at me!
If you go there and experience the night tours please let me know if the island is haunted or if it’s just haunted by the spirit of the angry birds.

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