Rottness Island

October, 2017

I didn’t know that this island even existed until a friend of mine organized a trip to go to Perth, a city in western Australia and told me we should go to Rottness Island as well.
When she told me about it I started reading some information about this mystic island and found out that this is one of the 2 unique places on earth that the Quokka lives! You know that cute animal that always smiles on selfies.
Let me tell you though…it is not easy to take a selfie with a quokka because they are always moving and if you have no food to give them then they lose interest in you pretty fast. But also, you cannot feed them because that’s a $150 fine. So, I tried to take a good picture of them but these are my best shots…not too good I know.

But the quokkas are everywhere on this island so you will get many chances for photographs.

Besides quokka watching there is also snorkelling and bicycle riding. We booked the bicycle and snorkel tour on advanced and that was so wise because it seemed to be pretty popular and a lot of the people who tried to book it on the day were not lucky.
I think riding the bicycle around the island and looking at the beautiful view of the ocean was the best part of the whole thing. It is a “tour” but actually after the ferry ride they give you the bike and snorkel things and then you are off to explore by yourself. That is how I like it!!

There are some beaches for snorkelling and I tried to get in the water but still in the beginning of October the water was still way too cold for me. Don’t mind me posing and pretending I did it though.

There are some restaurants on the island so you don’t have to bring food if you don’t want to. And you get like a mini zoo of all kinds of birds and some quokkas begging you to feed them. Sea gulls and crows just waiting for you to turn your head away so they can steal your food…. it’s a scary eating experience to be honest.


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