October, 2017

My first impression of Perth was a little bit scary.
Perth is a city in Western Australia and for a small holiday my friend and I travelled there. We arrived to Perth late at night. It was almost midnight but we hadn’t eaten dinner yet so we looked for a restaurant that was still open, and it turned out to be our trusty McDonalds (they call it Maccas here in AUS). 
We ordered take away and we were waiting for our food to be ready when a seemingly innocent and normal looking Asian guy started talking to us and as polite people we of course we reciprocated the conversation. 
But then our food was ready and we politely said good bye to the guy and started to walk to our hotel...
And he followed us!
At first, I thought it might have been just a coincidence and he just happened to be going in the same direction as us but he kept following us all up to the hotel…

I was so creeped out I asked him to stop following us and then he said “Can I sleep in your warm room tonight?”
Luckily it was a 5-minute walk and we were quickly safe inside the hotel. But man, so scary…
But that was the only weird incident we had in Perth.

The rest was all good and delicious fun, like we went to this really nice Venezuelan restaurant called “Angel Falls grill”, I have never tried Venezuelan food before but it’s really delicious! I had a steak, yuca chips and congri rice, by the way my favourite was this congri rice which is black beans, rice and bacon and it tastes amazing! And if you go in girl’s night (like we unknowingly did) cocktails are $10 yay!

The next day we had a super fancy breakfast at “Petition”, it was so fancy I spent more money on breakfast than at dinner that day!! Unbelievable! Haha I am ashamed to say that I spend over $20 on eggs with toast and tater tots….

For our last dinner in Perth I was feeling like something spicy and soupy so the perfect thing was a Soondubu soup in a Korean restaurant called “Arirang”. Sorry the picture is so bad but I swear it was really tasty!

But the food is not even the best part of Perth, the public transportation is! There are 4 buses RED, BLUE, YELLOW and GREEN cat buses that go around almost all of Perth city and surroundings for free!!! Absolutely free, and they come in quite often too, like one bus each 10-minutes or so. 
That way you can move quickly from place to place and see all of Perth even in a limited amount of time and for free!

It was truly a beautiful city. I really liked the look of this city it’s like a combination of old English type buildings and really new and modern buildings. 
So many delicious things to eat, so many nice shops in one place, such friendly people, it was amazing!
To me Perth reminded me of Wellington in New Zealand but with much better weather and I think that is why I liked it.


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