I went to prison

October, 2017

So...I have some crazy friends.
And I am crazy myself so our craziness combined led us to jail....

Please whoever is reading this come and bail us out!

No, actually for one of my friend's birthday trip she wanted to go to Perth and when she saw that there was such a place as Fremantle prison then we had to go there because she loves those kind of places.

By the way did I mention that it's apparently one of the most haunted places in Western Australia?

Ooh!! creepy!

To go inside the actual prison you need to do a tour, they have some options but we chose the 「Doing time」tour which is about the history of how the prison was built, the kind of inmates there were, the prison life, and the punishments...including a detailed explanation of the floggings and hangings!

It's such a sad history but apparently a lot of the inmates in the early years of the prison were British men who couldn't find work in the big industrial era and so they were poor and hungry so most of them were sent to prison for petty crimes such as stealing food or clothing!
And not only were they sent to prison but to prison in a far away country in the middle of nowhere desert land that was Western Australia!

I mean even if you managed to escape prison, where would you go!?
Gosh! punishment was hard back in the day....

Also the prisoners were actually used for hard labor to build buildings, roads etc. They were the ones to built Western Australia into what it is today.

Inside the prison was kind of dark and creepy, especially in the inside of the cells but the creepiest was the hanging gallows.
Death sentence was a hanging...

By the way there are night tours too, they tour guide said some of the other guides hear and feel things...ghostly things

No thank you for me!

The tour last 1 hour and 15 minutes but felt longer, and its $21 per person but I thought it was really interesting to
learn about the history of this place.

So please if you are in Perth, go to jail!


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