How to go to Wedding cake rock

October, 2017

Just a breezy 55 minutes by train plus a 20-minute ferry ride away from Sydney there is the Royal National Park, home of a really popular touristic attraction for us cake lovers. The wedding cake rock.
It is named like that because the first wedding cake in the world was invented here. (This is Bullshitstory by the way). 
Nah, the truth is that it is named like that because it is white and layered just like a wedding cake. See?

Now that you saw the picture I know you have 2 questions.
How did it taste? And How to get there?
Let me answer you, it tastes like rock. Vanilla flavoured rock.

How to get there?
You can go by car in which case please ask google maps for directions but if you are like me and don’t have a car take public transport.
*From Central station take the train to Cronulla, it should take about 55 minutes.
*Once in Cronulla walk to Cronulla Wharf (like a 5-minute walk from the station) and then take the ferry to Bundeena.
The ferry costs $6.40 per adult and you pay inside the ferry once it departs, which I think is strange because what would they do in case you didn’t have money? Throw you into the ocean? 
Anyways the ferry departs every hour. Check the ferry's website for time and prices. 

*Once in Bundeena you have to walk about 15-20 minutes through the residential area to reach the actual Royal Park. There are a few entrances to the park but if you want to go directly to the wedding cake rock then go towards the start of wedding cake rock trail (it’s in google maps) and this should be the shortest way to see the wedding cake rock.

But when am have I ever gone for the shortest way? 
No, I started at the start (or end) of the Coast Walk then walked to Port Hacking Point (not too impressive) then walked down the coast to Shelley Beach which is where I found this interesting yet suspicious sign

Naturist Beach? Does that mean what I think it means? But its handwritten so is it real or not?
Anyways there was no one there so…. why not?

Then I went down towards Jibbon Track which was a beach sand track in the middle of some weird bushland really hard to walk on that sand by the way. It was hot, no amazing views and it was long as heck I have to say it was not my favourite hike.

After that I took the path towards The Balconies. Great choice by the way. Because it was a nice, if not slight scary coastal walk through some edgy rocks along an angry ocean but really amazing views. And this is the Balconies.

After the Balconies was a pleasant walk towards wedding cake rock and it took me through some beautiful places like these artistic steps to cross the river (ocean?)

And this really white place

And then finally it was my wedding day!!! No, actually it was just the wedding cake rock. I was amazed by its beauty and at the same time disappointed that it was fenced and forbidden to actually walk to the rock. Because it’s dangerous and could fall unexpectedly any time.

But you know still the people climbed the fence and went. I guess a good picture is possibly worth your life…

I was satisfied with waiting until everyone left to take a picture of it with no one there, from behind the fence of course because I don’t think a death by falling off a cliff is my cup of tea.

Then I walked towards Marley Head and passed through Marley beach in an attempt to find Marley trail, but without any reception google couldn’t help me, I got lost and decided to back the same way I came from.
In total I walked for about 6 long hours. I forgot my sunscreen so my hands and neck got really bad sunburns!!! People don’t forget your sunscreen….


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