How NOT to buy souvenirs

Whenever I travel to a new place I love to see the gift shops and look for that “special something” that I won’t find anywhere else.
Of course because of money and backpack space I’m not always able to buy everything I want so my system is, only when I find something I deem to be truly worthy I will buy it for myself.
Living and travelling in New Zealand for 3 months now I still hadn’t found something special, but a trip to Rotorua changed that.
Rotorua is famous for its thermal activity, which means there are many volcanos around. And in one of Rotorua’s gift shops I found something I thought was really unique. A bracelet made with volcanic rocks.
I repeat, a bracelet of volcanic rocks!
It was decided, this was possibly going to be one of the most special things I would find in New Zealand so I bought one with pink and grey volcanic rocks.
I paid for it and the cashier put it into a brown paper bag.

All shopping done I went to get some lunch, the nearest place was a café where I got a meat pie. After eating though, I couldn’t find a place to throw the garbage so as a responsible person I put it in my purse until I found a trash can, and when I did
Good bye trash.

At night in the hostel I decided I wanted to try on my new bracelet but when I opened the paper bag…
I only found crumbs…
To be specific, meat pie crumbs.
It was in that moment I recalled something dreadful. Something only I could have left unnoticed until it was too late.
Both the bracelet and the meat pie came in similar brown paper bags.
I had thrown the bracelet and kept the trash….


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