The Crunchy Leaf

I take pleasure in the little things in life.

Like eating thin salty potato chips while watching a movie. Ooh!
Like taking a quick nap on a sunny afternoon. Ooh!
Like seeing my Instagram post getting 1 like. Ooh!
Like ordering McDonald’s fries and seeing they are just made. Ooh!
And in the autumn
Stepping on a fallen dry leaf and hearing that satisfying crunch beneath my feet. Ooh!!!!

So as I was walking home late in the evening, when the sun had already gone down and darkness was upon this earth I spotted from a distance what I thought was the crunchiest leaf I had seen this fall.
With nothing but plans to step on it and to hear the loud crunch I walked towards it with great anticipation! 
Excitement building with each step forward, imagining how the crunch would sound.
As I got closer to the leaf I noticed something odd….
In the shadows I could not see clearly what exactly was so odd...
Maybe the shape? Maybe the size? Maybe....a certain glow?
A closer look reveal the wolf in leaf’s skin….
This was no crunchy autumn leaf!
I was about to step on dog poop!

If you take your dog for a walk please pick up its droppings.


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