That time I almost missed my flight...

When I was coming from Japan to New Zealand I chose the cheapest flight I could find which happened to be a Philippine airlines flight with a 6 hour stopover in Manila. 
6 hours is a long time to be waiting...
But I'm so panicky of missing my flight that I never consider the possibility of going out of the airport. So I stayed patiently in the waiting room sitting right in front of my gate. Right in front of the gate.
How did I know it was my gate? 
Well I checked over and over my plane ticket and the signs in the gate. There was no mistake about it, Gate 6 was where I was supposed to be, and its where I would be for the next 6 hours.

Poor naive little thing....

I had no idea that airports swapped gates around!
3 hours before my flight was due I noticed suddenly my gate's destination didn't say 「Auckland」anymore、it said 「Dubai 」I noticed this change right away because I was stalking this particular gate very intensely, but I just thought, "Oh well, there are still 3 hours to go, probably they will do the Dubai flight first then my plane will come later".

Oh silly me...

Time passed and passed and still no change, it was one hour before my flight time when I thought  I should go to the bathroom and fix myself up.
I was in the middle of fixing my make-up when I heard the airports announcement calling my name. MY NAME!?

The announcement was saying it was my last call!!! Last call!? was there even a first call????
Make up half done I ran to gate 6 only to see it still said Dubai....I just couldn't understand what was happening!
Then again the announcement calling my name and gate number.
What!? Gate 10!?
When did that change happen and when was it announced!!!???

I ran like an Olympian marathon runner on fire looking desperately for gate number 10. It was hidden by the way...I couldn't find it easily. I was sure I was going to miss my flight...

Finally I made it on time, by the way but the scare was real. 

So in case I'm not the only idiot traveller out there, newsflash...sometimes boarding gates are swapped.  (I probably am the only idiot. though...) 

Philippine Airlines, next time I would appreciate some more announcements please...


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