Fake homeless

Fashion is freedom.
And in New Zealand I have a little difficulty in seeing the difference between a real homeless and a fake-homeless.

A lot of people here walk around without shoes on the street. 
Why!? that makes me cringe to the core! am I crazy for thinking its disgusting to walk around barefoot on the streets of a city!? 
I mean people spit on streets, drunks puke on streets, dogs pee on streets! there is mud in streets, dirt, trash! Omg Omg!!!
...But still a lot of people walk barefoot.

Also a lot of people choose a more relaxed fashion, T-shirts worn too many years, unkempt hair and beards. I'm talking hobo style all the way. 
So forgive me for not being able to tell apart "homeless" from "fashionable"

Ok, so this is the story
I was walking through Myers Park in Auckland city when I saw a kids park with swings and monkey bars and all the good stuff, when suddenly I spotted a homeless guy just staring at a couple of kids playing.
This guy had raggedy clothes, no shoes wild long hair and beard that seemed unwashed for years, overall just full on homeless looking. And he was staring at these kids, just staring so intensely it was kind of scary. 

So my first thought was, and I'm so sorry about it, but I was thinking this homeless guy is trying to get these kids!!!
Steal their toys!? or maybe worse, kidnap!? murder!? omg!!! should I call the police!? should I try to find these kids parents!? what should I do!?

I was thinking what would be the best thing to do in these situations when suddenly the kids come running towards the homeless guy yelling, Dad! Dad!

Well I felt stupid....

Lesson learned
Dont judge a homeless book by its cover.
Plus who am I to talk, I have exactly 5 tops and 2 pants that I keep rotating. 


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