How to dry without a towel

One thing I miss when I’m travelling is the comfort and convenience of a good shower at home. 
It’s priceless.

As much as I enjoy travelling and saving money in accommodation by staying in hostels, one thing that gets me is the hostel showers. Because most of the time they are outside of your room you have to take everything, towel, toiletries, change of clothes and God forbid you forget your room key. Plus if there aren’t lockers in the room I always worry about what to do with my phone and passport (I take them with me…) 
Experience has taught me to be paranoid about 2 things:

1.    Forgetting my key and getting locked out of my room after a shower (it has happened to me twice, and after reception hours...I had to wait ages for someone to come open the door)

2.    Forgetting a towel, Gosh I hate it when this happens. I’m there all happy that I’m finally nice and squeaky, feeling fresh as a daisy when I reach for my towel…And it’s NOT there!
I always have a minute of reprimanding myself for having done this yet again. And then quickly move on to find a strategy to dry. 
Shake like a dog?  Yeah, that don’t work for humans in case you were wondering.
Squeeze myself like a wet rag? That just hurts, I broke a bone doing that…. (Joking!)
Yeah, just use a t-shirt or any cotton based piece of clothing you might have. I have done it with t-shirts, underwear, and in a pinch toilet paper…

Don't be like me once is more than enough for these mistakes. I don't understand why I keep making them!


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