Today I will teach you a work in Spanish, the word is “TORPE” and it means clumsy….
And man, I am so torpe!
So…in most hostels there are lockers inside the room to protect your valuables from being stolen. And I am a big believer in lockers, I use them every time there is one available to lock up my wallet, laptop, passport etc.
I put all my valuables inside of the locker.
ALL of my valuables….
And…my keys because keys are valuable! Right!?

So…if you haven’t guessed yet.
I once put the keys of the lock inside of the locker and closed it. Surprise, surprise when I tried to open it and remembered…..
I put the keys INSIDE the locker!!!
Luckily reception had a bolt cutter and I was rescued on the spot.

Lesson learned…. Hopefully it will never happen again.

I am so very torpe…..

But my solution was to buy this very handy phone cover with a ring on the back and I use it as a key chain for my lock and suitcase keys. Because I am addicted to my phone and never leaves my side.


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