New Zealand money

Let me introduce you to my new friends.
The New Zealand dollars.

This is the red $100 bill, the highest value NZ dollar bill. It's rare to come by though because, well, I don't know why. Maybe they don't make as many prints?
So when I get one I feel its my lucky day.

This is the number 2 contender, the $50 bill. So nice and purple I would love to have some more of these on my pocket.

And I think this one is the Queen? I'm not sure I don't know about much history but I think its Queen Elizabeth on the green $20 bill. 

The blue one is a $10 bill. Which can buy you half a lunch in New Zealand, where a simple lunch can cost you $20....

And the last of the bills, the tiny $5. Its orange, I should make a poem for it but nothing rhymes with orange they say.

When you line up all the bills they become smaller and smaller as they become worth less. 

The coins are
$2  coin

$1 coin

50 cent coin

20 cent coin

10 cent coin

There is a system here just like in Australia where they round up the prices. Even though there are no 5 cent or 1 cent coins they include them in price tags...
for example something worth $10.95 in the price tag will actually be $11
Is this taxes? or is there no technology to eliminate small coins from cash registers...


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