Liebster Awards!!!

What a surprise when at the end of the most average day in my life I check my Instagram and I couldn't believe what I saw!
Someone had nominated me to a Liebster Award, a symbolic award given from blogger to blogger since 2011 as a way to discover new blogs and support other bloggers.

I cant believe it!
Is this a mistake?

After a few minutes in shock and then hours of finding out what a Liebster awards was, I realized that it was such an privilege to be nominated by someone who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting and I felt so happy they took the time to appreciate the effort I put in my blog!

So thank you very much to José Juan and Irene from「Tiempo de Explorar」for nominating me. It means a lot to me especially from such experienced travelers. 

My answers to your questions are: 
(I translated them into English)

  • Why did you decide to be a blogger?

For me this blog is like a diary to keep the memories of the best and worst moments of my travels.

  • What do you like more about traveling?

I like meeting other travelers and the feeling of coming to a new place without knowing a soul and end up with friends all over the world.

  • Beach or mountain?

A hard choice but...mountain!!

  • What is your favorite city?

For the moment is Sydney
My first travel = my first love

  • What advice would you give to someone who just started traveling?

A) Unlock your sim card
B) If you stay in a hostel always wear flip flops in the shower
C) Pack as light as possible 

  •  What is your favorite book?

The grapes of wrath by John Steinbeck

  •  And your favorite movie?

The way (2011) 
A really sweet and sometimes funny movie about a man who continues the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage for his son, who died while trying to do it.

  • What country do you recommend for traveling solo?

For me Australia was the perfect country to start traveling alone. 
Its not dangerous, the people are friendly and there are plenty of other travelers too!


  • Where has been the place you enjoyed the most and why?

Bali, because I was able to stay in a beautiful villa with private pool and eat like a king but with super cheap prices plus the guide was amazing guy.

  • Which place surprised you the most?

Nimbin, Byron Bay in Australia.
When I mentioned I was going to Nimbin to the 2 Mexican girls staying in the same room as me at the hostel they asked me to buy "special cookies" for them.
Apparently Nimbin's is famous for its marijuana loving people.
To be honest though I was too chicken to complete this mission.

  • What is the most delicious dish you have tried while traveling (and no, your aunt's crockets don't count) 

Up until now it was a pork soup I tried in a local restaurant in Bali.

Thanks again José Juan y Irene for nominating me, and thank you for the questions!

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Visit 「The Global Aussie」to read the rules of the Liebster awards and see what to do next.

Question for my nominees

Why did you decide to be a blogger?
What do you prefer bungee jumping or skydiving? (if you are brave enough)
What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done while travelling?
What is the app you use most in you travels?
Who is the most interesting person you ever met during a trip and why?


My favorite blogger

Adventurous Kate because she is funny and her blog is so informative, especially for a solo female traveller like me. She is my go-to for inspiration and courage to travel. My favorite part of her blog is the "best of the blog" section because its so funny!

10 Random facts about me

1.    I like dogs better than cats
2.    I love Russian accents when speaking English
3.    In Auckland I’m living in a house that used to be a church
4.    My favourite color is pink but I am on a diet not to buy more pink stuff!
5.    My favourite TV show of all time is “Friends”
6.    I have been wanting to go to Greece ever since I saw The sisterhood of the travelling pants
7.    My limit for staying in a backpackers was a month…
8.     My worst fear is my phone running out of battery when I’m travelling
9.    I love beaches but I hate sand
10.    I would love to do a campervan road trip with just me and my dog.



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