Arriving to New Zealand

Arriving to a new country by yourself, without knowing a single soul can be a little scary the first time. Lucky for me I had done this before when I decided to do a working holiday year in Australia back in 2015.
Thanks to my previous experience I was prepared this time, yet I couldn’t help but remember how I felt 2 years ago when I first arrived to Sydney. Even though I had carefully prepared a plan for what to do after I got off the plane, I had to admit that I full blown panicked. Everything was fine during the 8+ hour flight from Japan, everything was fine going through customs and security….
But as soon as I reached the end goal and got out into the “arrivals” gate and saw all those people waiting to pick up loved ones, I was suddenly reminded that I had NO ONE to pick ME up! I knew no one here in Australia.
(Wheezing, wheezing)
Oh my God!!! Oh my God!!!
I wanted more than anything to go back into the plane and turn back home!
But I couldn’t so I ran to the nearest bathroom and I in a crazy panic cried for I think about half an hour…all I could think of was “what have I done!?” “I can’t do this alone!!!!” I want to go home!!!

Yeah, total panic….

And it didn’t help that I hadn’t unlocked my phone so I couldn’t connect it at the airport which forced me to use a crappy public phone to call my very flaky shuttle bus service to take me from the airport to my hostel…the bus by the way took about 4 long hellish hours to come… yeah….not a great start.

Not this time.
This time, experience had taught me to be more prepared. I had a plan A, B and C prepared for all occasions. I had done my research about the airport. And more important than anything I had unlocked my phone before coming.
As soon as I arrived to Auckland airport this time, there was no panic attack.  I went straight to the airport very convenient Vodafone to have my phone connected. 
New Zealand Sim card cost me   $5
Prepaid plan cost me $28

Then headed towards the Skybus terminal to get to the city. And if you couldn’t connect your phone at the airport no worries, skybus has free Wi-Fi and if you ask the driver he will tell you which bus stop is closest to your hostel (or hotel you fancy SOB)
Fare (one way) cost me $18

Experience really helped me not to panic this time around but being prepared and having done my research helped me move more confidently through the airport. If you travel somewhere new try to do as much research as you can. Even though I know some things can only be learned once you get to your new destination ;)


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