Pre-travel jitters

It doesn’t matter how many times I go away, I never get used to saying good-bye to my family and most of all leaving my dog. I get sad every time.

I mean, I do love traveling to new places and I look forward to new trips, in fact today I have only 3 more days before I fly off to Barcelona and then Morocco and I am excited to see the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and the blue city in Morocco and for weeks I have been excited about shopping in Morocco!

And yet…

Right now, staying here in my parent’s house I feel so comfortable and happy, spending days watching Netflix with my dog, eating actual home cooked meals, having my parents love nearby and going to my own comfy bed in my own room at night, it all feels so good and so comfortable that I am getting a touch of travel jitters. It’s just that it’s so hard to leave a comfortable zone without really knowing that what awaits you. I keep packing and re-packing my suitcase fearing that I am not taking enough clothes or taking the wrong ones, I have a room-full of stuff that I need and yet my suitcase is small and it only fits so much and I am having the hardest time deciding what to take, plus I know from experience that if I pack too tight I am definitely going to have problems re-packing while I am out on the road not to mention I won’t have any space to put the souvenirs I buy. I have re-packed my suitcase 3 times already and I think I will again tonight…

Argh! On the verge of my trip and all I can think of for my 10 days in Morocco is having to pack and re-pack every day on the cheap hostels and going on buses and taxis carrying my big and heavy suitcase, and I know that my skin will suffer from lack of care like it always does during a trip. And I know that for the first few days I will be surely homesick and I know that wi-fi will most likely be a luxury and all I can think of is why? Why do I keep on choosing to travel instead of staying put?

But that is the way it always happens, I always get the travel jitters before a trip, and I always miss my family and my dog when I go away. Also, I always hate certain inconveniences that accompany travel, (especially cheap travel) and yet I keep coming back for more because I also love it, I love adding new countries to my list and new foods to try, and new photos to take. I love being a tourist, a backpacker or whatever it is that I am.

So…I guess that right now I am a bit on the down side about leaving but anyways, I will be back home in the blink of an eye because I know that time goes flying when I am overseas.


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