The professional red capri pants

Age does make you wiser, and youth is for making mistakes. Man, oh man did I make some pretty embarrassing and cringe worthy mistakes in my youth.
This was when I was still a student, going to acupuncture school at night I took a job doing massages in a retirement home. I found the job by luck, because I asked a a Chinese lady who went to the same school as I did if she could lend me the tests for when she was a first-year acupuncture student. She helped me out with the tests and we became friends, we sat together on the school bus every day and we talked until one day out of nowhere she offered me a job in a massage clinic she had. 
I was a first-year acupuncture student barely starting my studies, I had no idea how to do massage but she taught me in the Chinese way, which is teaching me once and throwing me out to fly on my own. She figured that instead of working at the clinic it would be much easier for me to work in the retirement home because the massages there were short, about 10-15 minutes per person. I took it as a challenge and opportunity to learn while earning money and I accepted the job.
This was not my first job ever, but it was the first job that I had gotten on my own without help from my parents and my professional side was critically underdeveloped.
When my friend/boss told me to wear massage scrubs tops and anything I wanted on the bottom I took that literally. I have no excuse and I don’t even know what I was thinking, I can only say I was pretty fashion blind and professionally immature. I went shopping and got a pair of red capri pants…
I thought I was so fashionable…I thought it was appropriate…what can I say? I was dumb. I wore those red capri pants to work every day as if they were part of my uniform.
If I could go back to the past I would slap myself in the back and yell at me for being so unprofessional and shameless. I cringe. 
But no one told me anything, the old people were all so kind to me and even though I didn’t speak much Japanese at the time they talked to me slowly so that I would understand. One gentleman told me that I had a very special pair of pants, I took it as a compliment although I think he was indirectly trying to tell me something else, haha. For the few months that I worked there I loved every minute of it, the people in the retirement house never complained about me and my crappy made up massages, in fact there was this one lady in particular who always invited me to her room to eat her contraband chocolate, and she would talk the whole 15 minutes her massage was supposed to last, and I almost never even got to massage her!  Even if it was just 15 minutes per day I loved spending time with her, and I think she enjoyed spending time with me, and when I quit that job for a better one she even wrote me a letter to look for her in her house. I never went though …

My next job had a uniform, top and bottom so I was saved from the humiliation of my fashion choices, but not from my make-up choices. I guess that’s a story for some other time.


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