Travel writing is not for me

In April I went on a camping van road trip with my parents and my dog. We visited and passed through 21 out of 47 prefectures in Japan and had the most epic time. 
It was a special trip for me because on all my travels I get to have all these amazing experiences and see the most beautiful of sights, in a perfect world it would be pure bliss except I always feel a little bit sad because I cannot share these amazing moments with my family, but on this trip, I got to share every moment with my parents and with my precious little pooch Whiskey. 
I had such a magical time so I thought would be fun writing about it for this blog. But I was wrong. 
It is already late July and I am still struggling to write about it. I have written up to day 10 of the road trip but it’s been so damn hard! I’m trying to write about our experiences and where we went, how to get there and be as informative as I can. I am trying to write it like a travel guide to help other travellers if they ever read this blog but to me, writing a travel guide is boring as hell.
That alone should have let me know that writing generic travel guides is not what I enjoy the most but I still wanted this blog to be about travel so I kept on going.
A few weeks ago, I even applied for a job as a freelance travel writer for a Japanese travel site, they asked me to write a test article complete with pictures that I took myself. I thought that I really wanted the job so I worked my ass off writing this travel article about New Zealand. I wrote and rewrote, and read it multiple times until, at least to me, it seemed perfect. 
Maybe I didn’t write with enough passion, maybe my Japanese was not good enough, I don’t know what the reason was but I got rejected for the job, but honestly, along with slight disappointment I mostly felt relief. I actually had a really tough time writing that test article and it was no fun at all for me. 
From now on this blog’s main focus won’t be being a travel guide but rather about experiences. So, I’m looking for a new niche, a new identity for this blog and until I do it will basically be about life as it is. 
Peace out!


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