The type of massage clients I hate

Today I will write about something a little different than usual. I will write about my job. I studied acupuncture but for the past few years I have been doing only massage. 
This summer 2018 I’m working as a masseuse in a summer vacation area in Japan and I grew to love it here but the other day I had a really greedy, rude and cheap client who inspired me to write about the types of clients I hate the most as a massage therapist.
But before I start with my topic of today I want you to know that I love my job and I love doing massage, it’s one of those jobs that give instant satisfaction and I love seeing a client so happy and thankful after the massage is finished. It’s such a satisfying feeling and such a compliment to me when they ask for me personally on their next massage!
Plus, thanks to this job I have been lucky to find job anywhere I travelled to because it’s a job that can be done pretty much anywhere. I love meeting different people, and I love the relaxing atmosphere of a massage spa.   
This is the perfect job for me and I love it, however, as with most things in life there’s also bad sides of this job. Customers that makes me wonder why I even bother…and today I will write about those types of clients that I hate the most.

1.    The over-time clients.

This type of client is so annoying to me because they just shamelessly take advantage. As any good massage therapist usually does, before starting the massage I always ask the client whether they have any pains and where they would like me to massage them, then according to their answer I divide the time so that I can work on all places they asked me to. For the whole massage they don’t say anything yet, at the end of the massage they keep on adding more places!!!
If they wanted me to work on that part why didn’t you mentioned it at the beginning!? 
This is especially annoying when it’s a short time massage! Any thing less than 30 minutes is NOT enough time to do the whole body, so I have to prioritize and work on the parts that each client need it the most but these “Over-timers” know that their time is up and yet they keep on adding body parts, the worst part is that they don’t want to PAY for the extra time! 

2.    The self-proclaimed VIPs

I love my repeat clients because they come back to get a massage from me! That’s such a compliment. But every once in a while, there are some clients who think just because they’ve come a few times they are now VIP clients and deserve special treatment. 
Some expect discounts, some expect you to massage them longer for free, but the ones I hate the most are the ones who think they can ask me out and not only expect me to but rather DEMAND me to accept just because they came back a few times and asked for me…

3.    The phone addicts.

Ok, in this day and age we are all phone addicts, I am one myself. But when you come to get a massage you are supposed to relax!!! You are paying money to relax, so do it!
Stop playing games or talking on your phone and just relax! 
I get so annoyed at these clients because they are just wasting their money. Plus, how can I massage them properly when their head and hands are busy with their phones the whole time?

4.    The ones that expect miracles.

Some people go to get massages to relax and to heal tired muscles, and some people go to get massages because they think it will heal all their ailments.
They pay for the cheapest and shortest massage and expect years and years of muscle pain, joint pain, and even that weird skin rash they have to miraculously disappear in one single session…
Massages are good for healing the body, but it takes time and probably many, many treatments. And I’m not saying this because I want to drain you of your money, it’s just a fact.
If you work every day, years and years doing deskwork you cannot expect that neck pain to go away in one single massage.
A lifetime of constantly using the body take time to heal. Please understand that.

Those clients can be annoying but they are just a small amount of people who are like that, most people are normal and kind people and are the reason why I keep on doing this job. If I ever open my own massage clinic I think I will choose my clients but for the moment I will try to put on a smile even to those clients who don’t deserve it.


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