15 things I achieved in New Zealand

From today on I have only 22 days left in New Zealand. My working holiday year is officially over.
Its so sad when one chapter of your life ends, such mixed feelings on one hand I’m really sad to be leaving NZ which turned into my home away from home, even though I had doubts about it at the beginning it became a place I would have liked to live in. 
On the other hand, I’m really looking forward to new places to come. 
First off, I will be doing a short trip to the Cook Islands at the end of March, then I will go to Japan and do a 3-week campervan trip around Japan to celebrate my 30th birthday. And then I will go to Spain to do what could be my last working holiday year ever (sobbing).

But to celebrate my one year in NZ I made a list of things I achieved here.

1.    I travelled to all the places I wanted to see in NZ

2.    I went on my first Tinder date ever.

3.    I went on a road trip with a complete stranger.

4.    I saved money.

5.    I kept up a yoga routine.

6.    I started belly dance classes (again)

7.    I kept up this blog.

8.    I got interviewed by another blogger 😊(she knows who she is)

9.    I wrote an article for another blog

10.    I read 10 books

11.    I visited old friends and even managed to go home for Christmas 

12.    I got rid of people who dragged me down and instead made new friendships

13.    I self-taught myself how to use a DSLR camera.

14.    I bought what could be the best bikini I have ever owned!

15.    I learned how to cook some Spanish dishes. 

It’s a short list but these are some of the major achievements that I feel like sharing with the world. The rest I will keep to myself hehe.


Multilingual acupuncturist travelling the world