My plans for 2019

Believe it or not the year is almost over, was it just me or did the year go by too quickly? I feel like I did a lot this year.

2018 summary

  • January - I started the year in Japan celebrating the holidays with my family.

  • January to March - I went to New Zealand to finish my working holiday year

  • March – I did a short 5-day trip to the Cook Islands with a friend

  • April – Celebrated my 30th birthday by doing a 20-day camping car trip around Japan with my parents and my dog.

  • May to September - I did a summer job in a resort in Japan doing delivery massages for rich people.

  • September - I did a 10-day trip to Morocco with a friend.

  • October - I started my working holiday year in Spain.

  • December – Go back to Japan to spend the holidays with my family.

Woah! Looking back on it I did a lot this year, I cannot believe it but I can only hope that 2019 will be equally as productive and exciting. I intend to do a lot of things but let’s see how things go. I have learned that planning sometimes can be disappointing because plans rarely go as you think so I don’t really have planned out my 2019 year however, some things you just have to plan ahead if not nothing will happen so these are my “plans”

  • January 2019

This is already decided I have the plane tickets and all. I will be going to India, Rishikesh to be exact which is known as the yoga capital of the world and do a yoga teacher training course. It’s a 200-hour course of hatha yoga which will last one month and at the end I will hopefully get my yoga teacher certificate which will allow me to teach all over the world. I have been wanting to go for about a year now but I needed to get my yoga level a little bit better and also I was scared because I have heard horror stories about India, I only decided to go when a good friend of mine (who was supposed to go with me to India but you know how plans change) well, she went this October and assured me that Rishikesh was a peaceful and safe place to go and learn yoga. If she could go alone and survive (and get her certificate) then I can do it too.

  • February 2019

I have no concrete plans for what I will do from February BUT I plan to come back to Spain and finish my working holiday year, I have until September. I hope that once I have my yoga certificate I could maybe teach yoga, or do a combination of yoga teaching, massage and acupuncture somewhere in Spain, maybe doing it on my own. Freelance acupuncturist/ masseuse/ yoga teacher. The complete body care set!

  • Goals for 2019

I have friends in Germany, Denmark and northern Spain, so I want to go visit them all at some point. I would also like to visit Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rome. Heck, just visit as many European countries as I can and…as cheaply as I can.

I want to keep on practicing pole dance, aerial silks and yoga. Maybe even find a good belly dance class too.

I want to keep on writing on the blog, if it survives 2019 then will be 3 years old!

Those are my plans and goals for the year to come, I don’t know how things will go but hopefully I will achieve even more things than I did this year. Please let me know what your plans are, write them in the comments and inspire me with your ideas.


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