The nomadic life

I haven’t been writing much in the blog because ever since I came to Spain I have been living like a true nomad. I have no place to call “home”, I’ve been staying in hostels, Airbnb’s and friend’s houses. I haven’t been able to unpack my suitcase and much less create a routine. If I say it in a positive way then it’s a life full of excitement and if I say it in a negative way then it’s a life full of instability. That is why I haven’t had much time to sit back, relax and write a blog about my life here in Spain but I will try to shortly write what these past 2 months have been like.

Moving from Granada to Sevilla

FYI I chose to come to Spain because of a guy I met while in New Zealand, but I was planning to coming to Europe before I met him to do my last working holiday year and if I knew some one in Spain and also spoke the language then why not?

granada spain

Well, this guy lives in Granada so I came to see him in Granada which is a really beautiful city full of European and Arabic charm, its very Spanish and the food is delicious and cheap, tapas are free when you order a drink and rent is quite cheap. Its an amazing place to live except for the fact that there are basically no jobs, so after a month of constant job searching I had to give up. I had put my resume in every massage shop and spa in the city, and in almost every restaurant I could find, I even went to the job agency and put my resume for any job no matter what and I got nothing. Finally, I decided to expand my job search to another city and I chose Sevilla because its close to Granada and yet it’s the 4th biggest city in Spain.

Living in a hostel

Here in Sevilla I found a job doing massage. It’s not much but at least pays the rent and food. So for almost a month now I have been working weekdays in Sevilla, living in a 4 bed shared room which lucky for me it’s empty most of the week, and on the weekends I take a blablacar and go to Granada to spend time with my boyfriend. Every weekend I must pack my bags to go see my boyfriend and then repack them again and come back to my hostel in Sevilla.

My hostel in Sevilla has become kind of like my home but when you are sharing a room with 3 other people it’s not exactly private or cosy. And every weekend I have to plan ahead and match my plans with his plans to make sure that we are on the same page and I don’t end up going to Granada when he isn’t there. I can’t know what I will be doing or where I will be in more than a weeks advance and that is feels a bit uncertain sometimes. It’s exciting of course to be living a new life every week but at the same time it makes me crave a routine where I know exactly what I will be doing week after week because it’s all the same.

I’m just so undecisive, when I have routine, I feel bored and hate it and when I don’t have a routine then I long for it…

New experiences

Oh, in these past 2 months I have tried a lot of Spanish foods, I have gone to Madrid to attend the baptism of my boyfriend’s niece, I have ridden in cars with more strangers than I have ever done before in my life, I’m talking about blablacar by the way, I have taken aerial silk and pole dance classes and I even decided to once and for all enrol myself to a yoga teacher training in India which is something I have been wanting to do for over a year. I would say that these past 2 months in Spain have been quite productive, I have lived a lot of new experiences, and met all kinds of cool people and did a lot of things that I wanted to do before.


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