How to go to a bar alone?

January, 2018
A new year has barely even started and I already I missed the chance of a lifetime.
One of the top travel bloggers around, Nomadic Matt was in Auckland and he organized a meet up in a bar not too far from where I live and it happened to be on my day off. It was perfect.
I couldn’t believe it! If I went to this I would be able to meet him in person!!
Only problem was, the event was on a bar…
A bar.
One of my bucket list activities is to go into a bar alone and I have never had the courage to go through with it. 
So, I started asking my friends if anyone would want to go with me. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many friends in the city and the ones I do have had other plans already.
Oh no! But wait! Maybe this would be my chance to shine. I would go to the bar alone and check that off my bucket list AND I would meet Nomadic Matt.  It was going to be a night to remember.

The day of the meet up finally arrived. It was supposed to start at 7pm and so I had all day to prepare myself. Nomadic Matt wrote a book called “How to travel the world on $50 a day” and so I spent the whole day going from book store to book store looking for a copy so that I could have it autographed by him. Turns out that Auckland book stores didn’t have any copies…Well anyways no big deal. 
I went home and put on the best outfit I had on my suitcase, got on the bus and went to the city. I walked towards the bar with the help of my trusty friend “google maps” and when I arrived to the bar I saw a bunch of people talking and drinking in standing tables near the entrance. 
As I walked towards the bar I scanned the situation as quick as I could and did not see Nomadic Matt. I only saw a group of people having a nice chat in there but that was enough to discourage me from going in. These people looked like they were having fun already, how do I walk up to them and join in? 
Heck, that probably wasn’t even the Nomadic Matt meet up. Maybe they were inside the bar but the picture of them already deep in conversation and then me walking up and awkwardly trying to join in was awful enough to discourage me from going in the bar.
So…I kept on walking past the bar.

Oh, did you think this story had a happy ending?
Well no. There was only reality that night.
At the end of the night I didn’t get to meet Nomadic Matt or any of the other people that showed up. I missed out of my one and only chance because I was too chicken to go in a bar alone.
So yeah, I know the title sounded like I was going to teach you how to go into a bar alone. But really, that was just clickbait. If you have any advice or opinions for me please comment it below and I will pay you in fake dollars.


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