One week in Wellington

About Jobs
My friend and I came to Wellington together and we both started to look for work from the first day we got here.  I was looking for a job doing massage and my friend was looking for restaurant work. I was lucky and found a job on my second day, but my friend was not so lucky....another friend I have is also not too lucky finding a job in a restaurant or a bar. 
Therefore, just by looking at my friends, my impression of Wellington is that it is a little bit harder to find a job in restaurants and bars than it was in Auckland. Or at least it takes a little bit more time. 
My advice is to come to Wellington with a little money saved up just in case you can’t find a job right away. But according to other backpackers, if you are not picky about work, there are many jobs working outside such as road work, construction etc. You just got to get used to the cold windy weather outside….
Or learn massage! Chinese massage shops are almost always hiring people and most times hire on the spot! I’m always so surprised on how quickly they hire me. Seriously though massage has got to be the number one useful job for travelling.

About housing
When I was in Auckland thinking of moving to Wellington someone mentioned to me that it was hard to find a good flat to live in Wellington, because they were having a major housing crisis. 
Now that I am here I can’t confirm if there is really a housing crisis or not, all I know is that it was so much harder to find a place to live compared to Auckland. Rooms in the city centre are scarce and expensive and mostly not too clean to live in, or like in one of the places I went to look at, the “flat” turned out to be a motel turned into a flat. 
At the end, we ended up living in a backpacker hostel. “Lodge in the city” offers cheap private rooms for long term stay. To stay in a long-term room, you have to stay for at least 3 weeks. The bond money is only $200 which is way cheaper than other flats I saw in Wellington. And rent for a 2-person room is $250 (only $125 per person). 
I am very happy to stay here, it’s cheap and really central and its clean. I almost don’t mind all the inconveniences that come from living in a hostel.

About the nightlife
I feel like there is always some kind of event going on here in Wellington. I guess it just because now I have someone to go to events with me but almost every night there is a “trivia quiz night” or a “bingo night” or a “Latin party” etc. I am never bored here. In fact, I’m having the time of my life! I even won the prize in Bingo night! A $20 ticket for drinks and food at the Establishment bar! Yay

About markets
       Night markets
Friday and Saturdays from 5 pm to 10:30pm in Cuba street and there are really nice artisan crafts, food stalls and some live music.
     Underground market
It’s on Saturday from 10am to 4pm. It’s not too big but it’s under a roof so you can go even in bad weather. And it’s a really nice place to shop around for some special arts and crafts. They even had a Takoyaki stall which is one of my favourite Japanese snack foods.
     Harbourside Market
Every Sunday from 7:30 am to 2 pm. This is the place to buy cheap produce, fruits and vegetables are so much cheaper here than if you buy it in the supermarkets. Really. For example, in the supermarket a pound of tomatoes cost $11 but here it was only $4! Big difference! People come here and stock up for the week. 

About the weather
Wellington is a windy city…windy and cloudy is the normal here. In fact, truly sunny days have been rare since I came here. But somehow this doesn’t bother me too much. I guess I’m just having too much fun and besides its not like Auckland had the best weather either.

Anyways I really am enjoying my life here in Wellington. And if you have any recommendations of places I should visit here please write it in the comments! I would love recommendations on restaurants, cafes or bars.


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