To plan or not to plan

I always like to have a general plan for how things "should" be. 
In life, in travel and all aspects of my life I always have a general plan. 

But you know what I have learned? 

Things rarely work out they way I carefully planned matter how many days, months or years you take to make this plan.
Life is just too full of surprises and now I think that these surprises are even better than anything I could have ever planned.

For example, ever since I could remember I wanted to be a doctor, my mind was set in stone and there was no other career I was willing to consider. Nothing.
But life being life....that didn't work out for me. I had to suddenly move to Japan and without knowing any Japanese my hopes for entering a Japanese university went to the dump. 
Instead life gave me another career, 「Acupuncture」To he honest I was really unhappy about it because I thought acupuncture was fake medicine, and I was settling for something less than I should have had. 
But when life gives you lemons you make lemonade and so I stuck with it and somehow graduated and got my acupuncture degree, but I swore to myself as soon as I was able to do it I would get a "real" career.

For years and years I worked unhappily as an acupuncturist, I was so unhappy that I escaped that world and did a working holiday year in Australia. 
I swore off any job that had to do with massage or acupuncture.
My big plan was to make it big in a new career!

But you know what? 
Massage turned out to be the best skill to have as a traveler!!! 
Acupuncture is difficult because you need a license for each country but massage is
something you can do as long as you have the skill.

I get jobs quicker than any other of my traveler friends because almost everyone can work in a restaurant so there is a lot of competition but just a few people can do massage.
So yes, now I am so grateful to have this as a career and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Seriously. Life just works out.

This applies to travel too. 
Many times I have had to waste a plane tickets, tours or hostel reservations because I pre-booked everything but in the middle of a trip my plans suddenly changed...
My biggest fail was a month long trip I had planned back in Australia, I booked a tour with "Wicket travel" a backpacker tour company (which I don't recommend by the way), and it turned out the whole thing was just not for me...everyone in the tour were crazy party people looking to get super drunk at night and sleep all day, and the tour was designed for that! 
There was no sightseeing, no adventures, it was nothing but long hours of bus rides drinking and partying....
Also the tours were unorganized and guides were equally as party loving-drunks, in fact, one of them dropped a canoe on my leg and I got a bad bruise.
I was done. I ended it.
There was no refund even though I was injured for the guide's fault! 
I felt so guilty to waste all the money and leave in the middle of my trip and so I stayed for as long as I could but I was miserable! when you are unhappy its best to change your plans and just leave and after 2 weeks and a bad bruise I finally left.

That's why I now think is better not to plan to far ahead. Is good to have a general
idea of what you want to do but don't get too stressed out if things don't work out.
Cause going with the flow will lead you to the most beautiful experiences.

This time in NZ I had planned to stay in Auckland, but when I suddenly met a random stranger and had an opportunity to go with the flow I broke all my plans and moved.
I have never been happier in my life.

Here in Wellington I am living in a sloppy hostel and have a crappy job but seriously never enjoyed life so much!

I come "home" to the most delicious meals, courtesy of J.

I go to the most fun parties with so many international friends I cant even keep up!
Chilean 18 of September party was a blast! South Americans really know how to party!

Life is good my friends

So I say is better to go with the flow instead of making a plan. 
If you agree or disagree please write your opinion in the comments because I love it when I get comments!


Multilingual acupuncturist travelling the world