Mana sleeper bus

To move from Auckland to Wellington I used Mana's sleeper bus service. 


I chose to go by bus because they bus ticket includes a suitcase up to 20kg and a hand luggage. So even though it takes almost 12 hours, its way cheaper than going by plane.

Times and Places
The bus departs from Auckland on Quay street at 9:30pm and
arrives in Wellington at 8:30 am on Bunny street, near Wellington train station.

•The beds had electric plugs and a small

•Free wi-fi

•The bus driver gave each of us a water bottle and some snacks which was a nice little surprise.

•There is one bathroom inside the bus.

What to bring?
There is one thing I wish I would have brought to make my trip more comfortable.
•A blanket!!
Bring a blanket, because unfortunately they didn't provide blankets in the bus and it was a little bit cold. 
If you don't have one do like me improvise and use a big scarf instead...

or earphones or something to cover snores, bus stop announcements and other noises.

My opinion of the sleeper bus
I think that the sleeper bus was a really good decision because for a few dollars more it was definitely more comfortable than sleeping in the normal seats, but to be honest I wasn't really able to sleep much inside the bus, I think I'm just not used to sleeping in something that moves around so much, I kept sliding around the bed each time the bus took a turn and so I slept on and off throughout the night.
I guess for me it wasn't about sleeping well but rather just about having a more comfortable journey.


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