I'm moving to Wellington!

After my road trip I had almost fallen in love with Wellington, but of course I had to go back to Auckland...because obviously that's where I live and work.

So after coming back to Auckland I was split in half, one part of me was rational and begged me to stay in Auckland where all my comfort and security was. The other half was begging me to move to Wellington and see how things go in a new city.
I spoke about this to my best friend who I met in Sydney and who came to Auckland just over a month ago. But as I was talking to her about this tough decision I was facing she said nothing at all, I talked and talked and got no reaction, my friend just ate her carrot cake and drank her coffee without even acknowledging that I was speaking.

Here I was trying to make a big decision and hoping for some advice yet she says nothing! Big help thanks!!

I had given up on hope she was even listening to me but talked anyways, mostly to myself to try to figure out what to do, when my friend took her last bite of carrot cake and as she wiped her mouth she casually said
"If we move to Wellington on August 26 I can get my bond money back."
(In NZ when you rent a room almost always you have to pay bond money and if you tell your landlord you will leave the flat with 2 weeks in advance you get your bond money back)

I was left speechless!!!

She wasn't only listening to me but she actually was going to come with me on this possibly crazy decision!? 

All right!!!

And that is a true friend that I have to cherish right there!

Also I have to cherish this time of such freedom that I am able to have, how many times in your life can you go on a trip, love the city and just up and move there with only 2 weeks in advance!? Not often thats for sure. 

So....We are moving to Wellington!!!
I am staying there for one month only, while my friend might stay longer or move on to another city, but we will enjoy.



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