The question men ask me but women don’t 

The first time that I can remember someone asking me this question was during an interview for my first job in an acupuncture clinic. I still a student at the time and I was applying for a part time job doing massage. 
After all the regular interview questions I was asked about my nationality, I said Honduran and Japanese.
Then the clinic director (a man) asked me,


so… what is the population in Honduras?  

I replied that I had absolutely no idea. 
To which he replied with an advice to find out the population of my own country because it is an important question I would get asked a lot.

And he was right. 
I get asked that a lot! But only by men….

As of now I have lived in 5 different countries, and met all kinds of people from all kinds of places and every time I introduce myself as a Honduran-Japanese half to a man I get asked
What is the population of Honduras? 
What is the population in Japan?  

By the way when I introduce myself the same way to a woman, I get asked how my parents met. Never do they ask about population number....

Yes…interesting difference.

I wonder why....

And today I got a slightly satisfying explanation for this,
So I was talking with this guy I just met for the first time and we discussed how small Auckland is. When I say small I mean there are fewer stores, restaurants etc. compared to other cities I have lived in. I meant there was less to do.

But then he started talking population, of course is small because New Zealand has blah blah million people compared to Australia that has blah blah million people or Japan with blah blah more people and by the way what is the population in Honduras? 

Dude…I don’t know, I have absolutely no interest in knowing a country’s population number. BUT it really fascinates me why are men so curious to know that. EVERY TIME is the same question but only men ask me. Why?

He was surprised to hear that only men were interested in this information and after thinking about it he replied:
Maybe it’s because in the old times when people travelled in tribes the men always had to know how many people are in another tribe to know if they could win or lose in case of a battle…maybe. Haha

Yeah,I'll take that. I’m pretty satisfied with that answer at the moment, unless you have a better explanation. If you do, please write it in the comments because I really want to know. 

By the way I googled it (but will forget tomorrow)

  • Population in Honduras: 9.113 million

  • Population in Japan: 127 million

  • Population in New Zealand: 4.693 million

So yes my male readers, think of this information when you want to battle with these tribes.


Multilingual acupuncturist travelling the world