A night in Fruitvale Station

June, 2017
Lately I started a new hobby, photography, I started it to try to take better photos for my blog and for my own memory album of my travels. I bought a cheap fancy DSLR camera and I started to take pictures with it. Then I started to have fun with my new camera and wanted a different lens to try to take different pictures. But everything in NZ is so expensive, including camera lenses…
So I started to search online and bam! Great luck I found a guy on one of Facebook’s groups for selling stuff in Auckland and he was selling one of the lenses I wanted to try, way cheaper than if I bought a new one. I messaged him right away and because I didn’t want to go to some random person’s house we agreed to meet that night in a train station near his house. We agreed to meet in Fruitvale Rd station.

Fruitvale….uhm….just a few months ago I had watched this movie called “Fruitvale Station”, tragic ending but great movie. Long story short, it’s the true story of a black man who gets shot by the police in Fruitvale train station. Of course this happened in the United States, not in New Zealand but still the name rung a bell and I was a little teeny bit paranoid about it….

Around 8:30 pm I arrived at Fruitvale Rd station, then the guy came and I tested the lens it worked perfectly, I paid him, he gave me a few tips on photography and then he left. It was really a very smooth transaction. No scam, no scary situations. He was happy I didn’t try to haggle to lower the price, and I was happy he didn’t steal my money and murder me, oh sorry I mean I was happy I got my new camera lens!!! YAY

And then I had to wait for the train, 20 long minutes in the cold winter of Auckland….at first it was just me in the train station, but soon after a group of loud teenagers came to the opposite platform. They were talking and laughing loudly so I just ignored them and read my book.
And then a security guard came to my side of the platform and just stood there looking at the kids, when suddenly from the train platform speakers some guy was calling the security guard and telling him to do his job.
I was like whaaaat….what’s going on!? Why is the loudspeaker guy telling him to do his job? What job?
Then one of the kids starts screaming out to the security guy “He wants you to kick us out for sniffing glue!!!!”
And the security guard goes over to their platform and proceeds to talk with them, and the kids ended up leaving after a while. Thankfully nothing more happened it was just kids trying to get some attention. But I was so glad when my train finally came and I left Fruitville hopefully never to come back haha.
By the way do people really still sniff glue? Is that still a thing? Or was it the kids just saying random stuff?


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